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AENOR and Adilac join forces to improve the lives of over 13 million people

AENOR and Adilac join forces to improve the quality of life of the over 13 million people who are lactose intolerant


  • According to the Spanish Society of Digestive Pathology (EDPS) and the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), over 30% of the Spanish population suffers from this pathology, the second most common intolerance in Europe after gluten.
  • The Adilac "NO LACTOSE" seal, created in 2016, has become an information benchmark for consumers suffering from lactose intolerance.

29 July 2019.AENOR has formed an alliance with Adilac (the Spanish Association of Lactose Intolerance) to develop its "NO LACTOSE" recommendation seal into a certified lactose-free label, backed by a sound mechanism that provides guarantees and confidence to the consumer, in order to respond to new consumer demands.

This has motivated the two organisations to join forces, since new food quality and safety criteria being demanded by consumers call for companies to increase their technical transparency and ethics. This covers aspects such as the origin of the foods they consume and the performance of food manufacturers in areas such as respect and care for animals farmed for food production, throughout all stages of manufacturing, from the farm to the table.

This is why Adilac, an organisation dedicated to informing and educating on regulation, products, scientific and lifestyle issues related with lactose intolerance, has wanted to take the NO LACTOSE seal a step further. This initiative aligns with the publication of the recommendation by the Spanish Food Safety and Consumer Agency (AECOSAN) on the use of the terms "no lactose" or "lactose free", which certify the absence of lactose below 0.01%, and the term "low lactose content", which is used in products wherein the limit established is 1%.

The "NO LACTOSE" seal registered in Spain, the European Union, the United States, China and other countries, identifies lactose-free products and guarantees that products incorporating the seal are subject to prior certification by an independent accredited laboratory, which is one of the requirements of Adilac's regulations of use.

According to Adilac, there are more than 1,000 products in Spain with the NO LACTOSE seal, in a universe of thousands of lactose-containing products, which highlights the Association's efforts to inform and advise those living with this health condition, ensuring a lactose-free lifestyle of well-being and safety.

The study, carried out by the AENOR Laboratory, analysed random samples of products by brands that incorporate the NO LACTOSE seal. In this way, the high level of confidence and safety in the products labelled with the seal has been verified.