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AENOR, the first certifier of Anti-bribery Management Systems accredited by the Ecuadorian Accreditation Service (SAE)


  • AENOR has issued 31 certifications for the UNE-ISO 37001 Standard, which promotes a culture of integrity and transparency in organisations, following the best international practices.
  • The accreditation was presented by the Secretary for Anti-Corruption of the Office of the President of Ecuador, Iván Granda.

28 June 2019. The Ecuadorian Accreditation Service (SAE), an entity attached to the Office of the President of the Republic of Ecuador, has granted to AENOR the qualification of Accredited Certifier for auditing the UNE-ISO 37001 Standard of the Anti-Bribery Management System, which facilitates the prevention, detection and appropriate management of possible criminal behaviour in relation to bribery, both internally and with business partners and controlled companies.

This certification, which reflects international best practices and is applicable in any country, contributes to creating a culture of transparency and integrity in organisations, improving their reputation and reducing risks in the operations of companies and throughout their value chain. It also serves as a tool for good governance and due diligence in organisations to prevent bribery.

The secretary for Anti-corruption of the Office of the President of Ecuador, Iván Granda, delivered the accreditation to Pedro Fernández, AENOR's Managing Director in Ecuador and Peru, as part of the campaign carried out by the Ecuadorian Accreditation Service on the occasion of World Accreditation Day held in the auditorium of the National Polytechnical College in Quito on 19 June.

Granda commented that this is an iconic regulation in the fight against corruption and in the implementation of preventive actions in the country's institutions and stated that it is a first step that will generate actions in favour of transparency insofar as it is aligned with the commitments of the President of the Republic of Ecuador and the Anti-Corruption Plan being carried out to evaluate public institutions. "We are doing our part in the public sector and we need the private sector and state providers to join us," the senior official said on his Twitter account.

For his part, Pedro Fernández, general manager of AENOR in Ecuador y Peru, stressed the importance and unique value of AENOR certification for organisations because "in addition to being one of the most recognised brands in the market, AENOR has its own deeply committed auditing staff who respond to the needs of our customers wherever they are. Organisations also benefit from our closeness to sources of knowledge, which allows us to innovate in the development of solutions and to anticipate and enable institutions to reliably solve competitive gaps."

To date, AENOR has granted 31 UNE-ISO 37001 certifications in different Latin American countries and in Spain, positioning it as a benchmark in the anti-bribery management certification sector, which is also characterised by its integration with other compliance systems and management systems operating in organisations.

The certification of compliance management systems is an important way to provide evidence of due diligence, of the prevention of unlawful acts and of the effective implementation of a management system that provides evidence to management, judicial authorities, shareholders, customers and other stakeholders that the organisation in question has taken reasonable measures to prevent crime, corruption and thus reduce criminal risk.