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AENOR awards bonÀrea certification for "Straight from the farm"


  • This certification guarantees that bonÀrea carries out its entire production cycle, from its livestock holdings to production, dispatch and direct sale to the consumer, without intermediaries.
  • bonÀrea complies with best practice throughout the food chain

9 October 2019. AENOR has awarded the certification "Direct from the farm" to bonÀrea Agrupa, thus accrediting that the company carries out exhaustive control of the production cycle, including the complete traceability of its products, the control and production of feed, the integration of farms, its own production, food quality and security, daily distribution, direct sales without intermediaries and savings due to its vertically integrated business model.

With this certification, bonÀrea Agrupa, which already holds other certifications such as Animal Welfare, Quality Management, Environmental Management and Food Safety, has become a benchmark in the agri-food sector by implementing a unique, fully integrated rural production and commercial model that ultimately results in savings for the end consumer.  

According to Antonio Condal, director of Public Relations at bonÀrea Agrupa, the certification demonstrates that "we cannot only say that the bonÀrea meat products come directly from the farm, but they are now also accredited by AENOR."

Condal also stated that "the AENOR certification guarantees that all fresh meat, processed meat products, milk products, eggs and products with eggs from the farms of the associated members and livestock farmers, are produced using the farm's own food and all production processes are controlled and sale to the consumer is done without intermediaries."

Angel Luís Sánchez, director of AENOR for the Mediterranean Region, observed that, "after a detailed assessment process, AENOR's authorized and qualified auditors have assessed the various aspects in all stages of the value chain in order to guarantee the highest standards in each point of the process. This promotes transparency and increases consumer confidence in the communities where bonÀrea markets its products, and for this reason, AENOR is considered to be the company's best ally."

This project, launched 60 years ago by a small group of farmers and livestock farmers with the aim of taking their products directly from the farm to consumers, has evolved and the company now has over 500 shops in Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Madrid, Navarra, La Rioja, Guadalajara and Andorra.