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AENOR launches its new brand strategy based on its greatest attribute: trust


  • Contributing to "the transformation of society, by building trust between people and organizations" is the aim of the new Branding Strategy.
  • The graphics show a more updated, purposeful verbal identity, while still keeping the identifiable features of AENOR.
  • This strategic transformation project was launched at the beginning of 2017 with the aim of reinforcing the customer's position at the centre of each of the organization's actions.

12 October 2019.   AENOR has launched its new brand strategy in a bid to reinforce its essence, focused on building trust in the organization, as well as establishing its values and personality. This is all expressed through a new, innovative and modern visual system.

The new brand strategy was launched in 2017 with a main objective: to place the customer at the centre of each of the organization's actions and to reinforce the differential value proposition that are appreciated by its interest groups. This is characterized by professional rigour, a high degree of technical knowledge, service quality and customer proximity. According to a study carried out in April 2018 by the consultancy company Kantar, more than 70% of consumers associated AENOR with quality and identification of tasks well done. This evaluation rose to 100% of professional consumers.

In the opinion of Jesús Gómez-Salomé, Director of Brand and Communication "AENOR is growing as an organization and must establish a comprehensive Brand Strategy that adapts to its customers' needs. The Mark is one of our most valuable contributions, both in the area of B2B and B2C, and we are now taking an important step towards strengthening it professionally and in the long term. During the Strategy creation process, we asked a lot of questions: to the many players in the AENOR ecosystem, market agents and non-certified organizations and those certified by other entities. The process involved the entire organization at AENOR. The result is a merit to the immense and diverse talent of those who participated in the process".

Trust in AENOR is evolving and becoming a leading feature. The current prestige of the AENOR Mark required an evolution; not a radical change. The result is an updated graphic identity, with a new logo and the creation of a slogan that accompanies it: "Confía" (Trust), is a powerful message associated with one of society's most appreciated values, and demonstrates the guarantee and reassuring nature of AENOR's work.

When designing the new logo, we opted to keep some of the characteristic elements: The word AENOR is still in black, which gives a sensation of rigour, strength and ensures its visibility. The new logo also incorporates some of AENOR's most identifying features, the most visible elements that allow the brand to be recognized and identified, such as the central weight of the N Mark.

Personality and scope

The in-depth work carried out also starts with the company culture, which is why AENOR's core competencies and personality have been reviewed and updated. Core competences build a declaration of intent from the whole company and guide it in its daily operations: Focused on the customer. We build the future. We act with integrity. We empower knowledge and we put passion into our work. The personality attributes that characterize the AENOR professionals have been defined as Trusted, Always Alert, Near, Leader, Highly qualified and Quick.