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AENOR and Axazure

AENOR introduces a new technology platform with Axazure


  • AENOR pioneers the platform located in the ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations cloud in Spain.
  • This platform will allow users to increase productivity and to interact more easily, intuitively, enjoyably and securely.

26 September 2019.- AENOR has recently implemented a new corporate technology systems platform in conjunction with Axazure. This is a pioneering project in Spain that is hosted on the platform housed in the ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations cloud (MSDyn365FO).

AENOR considered Axazure to be the best-prepared partner to implement this project due to its experience and close relationship with the Microsoft Corporation in various early adoption programmes, particularly the programme associated with the possibility of deploying self-managed MSDyn365FO environments under Service Fabric technology, which gives AENOR and Axazure greater autonomy and freedom in managing the environment in which the ERP is housed and the ability to perform critical tasks such as updating databases and code on demand without going through Microsoft.

The systems plan includes an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ensures that both products coexist natively to achieve the best benefits at the lowest cost. The integration of these systems with external applications such as an e-commerce portal or third-party applications from different sources has been critical.

According to AENOR's CIO Sergio García Cebolla, "The aim of this three-year plan is to cover the company's strategic plan. The first phase has been to provide the organisation with a basis on which to grow systems, giving the business the tools it requires for operations and management".

Mr Garcia also added that, "Axazure's experience has been critical in implementing the ERP itself, migrating data and integrations with our Legacy systems. As a partner, Axazure has proved to be the best companion in this adventure that has just started".

Axazure CEO Antonio Gilabert commented that, "after nine months of intense work, we can say that AENOR is managing its platform using the latest technology available on the market. Obviously, in the medium and long term all this will have an impact on delivering better customer service". For Gilabert, the most important benefits for system users are time optimisation and creating a more secure, enjoyable, straight-forward and intuitive experience.