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PR - AENOR first RTF (Responsible Tuna Fishing) certificates

AENOR awards the world's first Responsible Tuna Fishing certificates


  • This certification means Spanish consumers are the first in the world in being able to purchase canned tuna whose certificate, namely the AENOR Conform Stamp, guarantees responsible fishing and social sustainability.
  • Companies that display this quality stamp on their products publicly show a firm, long-term commitment to carefully looking after ocean resources and protecting on-board, extractive fishing working conditions, in keeping with society's current values.
  • The event was officiallly concluded by Alicia Villauriz Iglesias, acting Minister for Fishing.

06 June 2019. AENOR The SALICA and Garavilla canneries were today awarded AENOR's first Responsible Tuna Fishing (RTF) Conform certificates for their Campos and Isabel brands, respectively, thereby becoming the first companies in the world to obtain this accreditation that certifies full traceability of tuna fishing from its extraction at sea, including the health and safety of fishermen, to the chain of custody in the on-shore canned fish processing and distribution processes. The end consumer is thereby guaranteed that optimum environmental requirements and best working practices have been respected.

AENOR's CEO, Rafael García Meiro, awarded the certificate to Juan Corrales, Garavilla's CEO and Javier Arbaiza, Salica's Managing Director, and stated, "This Responsible Tuna Fishing Stamp is a hallmark reflecting AENOR's business development. When we were founded in 1986, the most important economic need for Spain was to standardise the quality of our industrial processes. This is why our work consists in helping companies in our country rise to this challenge, close the gap in competitiveness and overcome each and every new challenge".

In turn, Juan Corrales, Garavilla's CEO, said, "This is an enormous success that puts Spain's fishing industry at the top of the ranking; it is a huge pleasure to see how work practices that improve people's lives and safeguard them, as well as ensuring responsible fishing and the preservation of such a valuable resource as the sea, end up on the right path and become a reality. It symbolises what the Spanish fleet has been doing for a long time. Environment and people are at the very core of our corporate social responsibility strategy".

Along the same lines, Javier Arbaiza, Salica's CEO, stated that, "RTF certification is a significant asset, providing our customers with more than just the product and proving our loyalty to consumers".

The event was concluded by the acting Fishing Minister, Alicia Villauriz Iglesias, who praised the efforts made by the Spanish fishing sector over recent years in contributing to a sustainable fishing industry. She emphasised that, "AENOR's Conform certification is yet another example of such commitment and will help consumers realise just how important it is to catch tuna in a responsible, safe and sustainable way".

RTF certification is based on the UNE 195006 Standard established in 2016 in response to the growing demand to guarantee responsible tuna fishing by covering all factors affecting conservation of natural and human resources. The certification process comprised two phases: The first involved audits both at the shipowners' offices and ports in Côte d'Ivoire, Seychelles, Ecuador and El Salvador. Their 47 vessels were verified as complying with the best practices in fishing activity control, social and safety conditions at work, as well as maritime and health control. The second certified the rest of the chain of custody employed by the canned fish processing and distribution companies to ensure full traceability. This fleet certification process is becoming international, and ships from 7 countries have now been certified in addition to Spain: Seychelles, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Curaçao, Guatemala and Belize.

The new cans mean Spanish consumers will be the first in the world in being able to purchase canned tuna whose certificate, namely the AENOR Conform Stamp, guarantees that optimum environmental practices have been respected. This stamp certifies compliance with the working conditions stipulated in the International Labour Organisation's "Work in Fishing Convention (C188)"; by ratifying such conditions, distributors and consumers are guaranteed that the tuna they market and consume from certified companies and vessels is endorsed with the strictest social, work and safety standards at sea, above and beyond current legal requirements.

It should be emphasised that by certifying full product traceability, this certificate underlines the importance of standards in supporting consumer interests and meeting their needs. The tuna fishing fleet and canning companies have voluntarily undergone an independent third party examination, recognised by consumers. By so doing, they publicly show their firm, long-term commitment to environmentally responsible, sustainable extractive fishing methods, in line with current social values.

From now on, all information regarding AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing Conform certification will be available at, where the best working practices for this controlled activity are explained, as well as benefits for consumers and all those involved in the tuna fishing value chain. For any further information or questions, the following email is available: