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AENOR certifies animal welfare for the main COVAP livestock productions

AENOR certifies animal welfare for the main COVAP livestock productions


  • COVAP is awarded the certificate for its entire cattle, Iberian pig and sheep production process.
  • AENOR's Animal Welfare certificate is based on the European Welfare Quality ® Standard that guarantees all processes and traceability.

15 April 2019. COVAP already has the Animal Welfare certificate for its AENOR dairy and pig farms, cattle and sheep classification and meat processing centres. Its model, based on quality at the source, has led the Cooperative to receiving this award in recognition of its entire livestock production process.

AENOR's Animal Welfare certificate, based on the European Welfare Quality ® Standard has been awarded to COVAP in recognition of their good farming practices according to the following principles: good feeding, housing, health and appropriate behaviour in 305 dairy cattle farms and 576 100% Iberian pig farms.

AENOR' s Andalusian director, Antonio Pérez Carreño, visited COVAP to present the certificates to the managers, technicians and stockbreeders in the different sectors that have cooperated in this major animal welfare project. The granting of this certificate is a tribute to the good farming practices that the Cooperative has been carrying out for decades and its commitment to offering quality at the source products.

The event was also attended by COVAP's president, Ricardo Delgado Vizcaíno, who accompanied AENOR' s Andalusian director during the whole day. After handing over the certificates, Pérez Carreño visited the dairy industry, where he had the opportunity to see the whole packaging and production process of COVAP's dairy products.

In the words of Ricardo Delgado Vizcaíno, "livestock farming has been our way of life for decades, the way of life for thousands of families belonging to the Cooperative, so animal welfare is our primary concern, our farms boasting the best means to this end, together with the proper training of our livestock farmers in this area. This is something that has been clearly endorsed and certified by AENOR, an organisation whose professionalism and rigorous standards are its undoubted hallmarks".

Accompanied by a livestock farmer from the Cooperative, he also had the opportunity to visit a dairy cattle farm where he witnessed firsthand COVAP's, its partners and MERCADONA's strong commitment to implementing strategies to improve animal welfare in response to consumer demand.

AENOR' s Andalusian Director, Antonio Pérez Carreño, highlighted that "this certificate shows COVAP's concern for animal welfare, reflecting a long-term commitment to good farming practices, in line with current social values and consumer demand; all of which directly affect the quality of the food product itself, since healthier animals lead to much better meat and dairy products".