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AENOR awards Ferrovial the Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Certificate

AENOR awards Ferrovial the Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Certificate


  • Both certifications reinforce the ethical standards model and confirm that the business activity is guided by the values of civic commitment, transparency and integrity.
  • Ferrovial demonstrates its commitment to creating an ethical culture of integrity and transparency throughout the organisation.

23 May, 2019. AENOR awarded Ferrovial S.A. certificates for its crime-prevention model in accordance with the reference standards UNE-ISO 37001, Antibribery Management Systems, and UNE 19601, Criminal Complance Management Systems. These standards represent the best practices in crime-prevention management systems for reducing risk and promoting an ethical business culture that complies with the law and helps generate confidence.

UNE-ISO standard 37001 verifies that Ferrovial implements global good practice in anti-bribery management, and demonstrates good governance and due diligence in the organisation to prevent bribery. This recognition, which confirms the company's desire to continually improve and incorporate the highest standards of compliance, was delivered by AENOR's CEO, Rafael García Meiro, to Ferrovial's CEO, Íñigo Meirás Amusco.

The AENOR UNE 19601 certificate, "Criminal Compliance Management Systems", accredits the fact that the compliance system implemented by Ferrovial to prevent and detect criminal offences is aligned with the best practices in criminal compliance. The certificate demonstrates due diligence and also considers the provisions of Organic Law 1/2015 on the reform of the Criminal Code with respect to the requirements of crime prevention models, and complements these with the best international practices established in the area of social responsibility, compliance and risk management.

Organic Law 1/2015 considers crime prevention models as possible factors in the exoneration and mitigation of the criminal liability of a legal person. Additionally, Circular 1/2016 from the Public Prosecutor's Office on the reform of the Criminal Code considers that certifications can be considered an additional element in the effectiveness of models when exempting legal persons from criminal responsibility after they have introduced models to prevent crimes.   

The AENOR UNE-ISO 37001 "Anti-Bribery Management System" certificate, proves Ferrovial's use of adequate mechanisms to prevent, detect and deal with bribery, complying with legislation and other voluntary agreements, as well as its commitment to continuous improvement.

It is also an important instrument in establishing a company code of ethics and transparency, increasing awareness and reputation, the design of this new business tool being to reduce risks faced by organisations during business operations themselves and throughout the entire value chain.