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AENOR endorses BP service stations in the Canary Islands with the Commercial Quality Certificate

AENOR endorses BP service stations in the Canary Islands with the Commercial Quality Certificate


  • In 2011, this became the first supply network in Spain to obtain the AENOR recognition in accordance with requirements of the UNE 175001-6 standard.
  • This certification is a tool for ongoing improvement tool at service stations, guaranteeing that they are staffed and endorsing excellence in the provision of service. 

11 September 2018. The network of BP petrol stations on the Canary Islands has obtained, for the third time, the AENOR certification of Commercial Quality, an award which proves that this company's petrol stations fulfil the requirements of the Standard UNE 175001-6.

BP has a total of 63 petrol stations on the Canary Islands certified to be of commercial quality by AENOR for the sale of fuels and other types of products; also, they are attended by staff during more than two thirds of their official opening hours. Similarly, the Standard UNE 175001-6 specifies the requirements necessary to achieve better advisory services for customers, paying special attention to aspects such as professional competence, responsiveness, understanding of the customer's needs, complaint and claim management by staff or material requirements, such as the quality of the facilities, the suitability of the location and the amenities and equipment available to the public, among others.

The Company has managed to renew the certification for the third consecutive time, after passing AENOR's audits, thus guaranteeing the quality of service that it offers its customers on the Canary Islands day after day. In 2011, it became the first network of supply points in Spain validated by the Standard UNE 175001 thanks to an excellent quality service that is based on the constant improvement of its network of stations on the Canary Islands and the offer of a broad and differentiated range of high-quality services and products such as its fuels with ACTIVE Technology. According to Enrique González, BP's Director of Communications and Institutional Relations, “our BP petrol stations on the Canary Islands obtained this quality certificate for the first time in 2011, we were awarded it again in 2016 and obtaining it again in 2018 is the result of our continued effort to achieve greater trust and credibility of our customers and of our commitment and future commitment to offer the best products and services”.

For José Luis Mataix, AENOR's director on the Canary Islands, “BP's petrol stations on the Canary Islands have made quality one of their strategic aims. With the certification in accordance with the Standard UNE 175001-6 they are launching a clear message of commitment to the continuous improvement of the service provided to its customers”.

Specific information on the standard

The Standard UNE 175001-6 assesses numerous aspects inherent to the activity carried out at the petrol stations, such as qualification of the staff, competence, image, customer service, courtesy, safety, accessibility, incident management, continuous improvement system, professional competence, credibility, reliability and facilities, among others. This standard is an effective tool focused on optimising the quality of the service, strengthening the competitiveness of small traders and demonstrating the commitment to customer service that these companies have. The certificate has a validity of 5 years, the objective of which is to establish the necessary degree of credibility and confidence in the market. To obtain this certificate, establishments must carry out a self-assessment. These details will be subsequently verified by an AENOR auditor using systems such as 'mystery shopping', which consists of the auditor pretending to be a normal customer without revealing his/her identity to check if the petrol station complies with the requirements mentioned in the standard.

The Standard UNE 175001 is valid for numerous commercial activities, although there are five sectors that have their own specifications, such as petrol stations, opticians, florists, butchers and fishmongers.

Businesses that are awarded the certificate can display the AENOR N mark of Service in their shop windows, advertising or brochures. This illustrates a mark of distinctiveness with regard to the competence of the businesses and recognition from customers.