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Juan Virgilio Márquez, Managing Director of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) and Susana Lozano, Director of Training at AEN

The AEE [Spanish Wind Energy Association] and AENOR sign an agreement to promote training and knowledge of wind energy standards


  • The agreement between AEE and AENOR has given rise to a partnership whereby companies in the wind energy sector can share knowledge and insights on the industry.
  • According to the terms of the agreement, AEE will promote AENOR training courses.

2 October 2019. The agreement between the two entities aims to encourage cooperation in the area of training and standards in the renewable energy sector. The act was attended by Juan Virgilio Márquez, Chief Executive Officer of the Spanish Wind Business Association (AEE), and Susana Lozano, Director of Training AENOR.

AENOR and the AEE agree that training is a key factor in the development of wind energy sector professionals, as this technology contributes to energy transition and the ensuing change in model. Thanks to this agreement, the wind energy sector will enjoy special conditions as regards obtaining UNE Standards and AENOR training courses, which will help AEE companies to comply with their internal training plans.

Juan Virgilio Márquez stated "this agreement is another step in the goal of the AEE to bring added value to the wind energy sector. Our dedication to training is a fundamental part of our business. The energy sector is facing a transition to a renewable model, which means we must continue to place importance on training our employees and developing cutting edge technology in order to adapt to the new times."

"As the wind energy industry is constantly evolving, standards are also changing. The Spanish wind energy sector has traditionally played an important role in international standards committees, given its strategic position of directing the drafting of design standards and promoting European companies for the development of new products" Márquez said. The IEC 61400 collection of standards defines the international design requirements of wind turbines and wind farms, and is a benchmark for the global wind farm sector.

Susana Lozano stated "AENOR is looking for training solutions to cater for the needs of companies associated to the AEE. This agreement will contribute to the knowledge, dissemination and successful application of UNE standards, and as a result, the competitiveness of Spanish companies in the wind energy sector."

Companies associated to the AEE can take advantage of the benefits of the agreement, which is published on the association's website.