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News outlets that wish to receive one or various related images should email, stating the outlet and the reason for requesting; the Communications Officer will get back to you within the same day.

  • Chairperson.
  • CEO.
  • AENOR logo.
  • Presentation of a quality certificate to a company.
  • ISO 9001 Registered Company (RC) Certificate Logo.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management (EM) Certificate Logo.
  • Product or Service Certificate Logo (N Mark).
  • Ecodesign Certificate Logo.
  • Energy Management Certificate Logo.
  • Logo AENOR Conform Criminal Compliance UNE 19601
  • Head office.
  • Worldwide certification ranking by country.
  • Main evolution of certifications worldwide.
  • AENORlaboratorio.
  • AENOR throughout the world map.

If you have AENOR certification, please be reminded that you can enter the exclusive web portal for our customers: AENORnet. Various management processes and information related to certification is available to organisations through this portal. This includes downloads of logos and the conditions for using AENOR marks for certifying management systems.

Access and enter your Access Passwords. If you have lost or forgotten your passwords, please request another one by clicking "Forgotten password?”.

If you are not from a media outlet or organisation that has been certified, please send your image request to