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ISO 25000: Software product quality certification
ISO 25000 Software Product Quality Certification

ISO 25000: Software product quality certification

ISO 25000: Software product quality certification

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Software with certified quality

Family standards ISO/IEC 25000, known as SQuaRE (Software Prod​uct Quality Requirements and Evaluation) create a common framework to assess the quality of software products.

Certification of software product quality with ISO/IEC 25000 enables companies that develop software to find out about the quality of their products and allows companies that purchase software to choose a solution based on their requirements.

To perform this certification, AENOR uses AQC Lab, first laboratory in Spain accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) to assess the quality of software applications under the group of standards known as ISO/IEC ​25000, which focus on maintainability and functional suitability (functionality). AENOR assesses the laboratory report on the quality of the software product at issue and, in the event the assessment is satisfactory, a viability check will be performed, either in situ or online, of the resources and technical capacity of the company that created the software product. Once this process has been completed, AENOR will issue a certificate of conformity under Standard ISO/IEC 25000.

Benefits of software certification:

  • Setting oneself apart from the competition, ensuring delivery times and reduction of product faults after implementation in production.
  • Being able to establish service level agreements, defining certain quality parameters that the product must fulfil before being delivered.
  • Debugging software product faults prior to delivery, which means cost savings in the subsequent maintenance stage.
  • Assessing and controlling the performance of the developed software product, ensuring that it will be able to generate results taking into account the established time and resource constraints.
  • Ensuring that the developed software product meets security requirements (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, non-repudiation, etc.).
  • Checking that the product developed will be able to be put into production without compromising other systems and maintaining compatibility with required interfaces.​

This certification can be of interest to:

  • Public Administration organisations, which at the state, regional or local level outsource more and more the software development work to software companies or factories, and which need to have a quality control system in place that allows them to verify that the software they receive meets minimum quality requirements, in this way adequately managing service level agreements with suppliers.
  • Software businesses that outsource part of their software development processes (either by nearshoring or by offshoring) and need to assure consistent control of the quality of the software they receive.
  • Software development factories and companies interested in having a mechanism that allows them to assure the quality of the software they produce.
  • Software development factories and companies interested in assuring the quality of the products they are delivering to their clients through independent verification and validation.

Certification of software product quality with ISO/IEC 25000, is directly related with the maturity of software development processes (ISO/IEC 33000-SPICE). So both certifications are complementary and close the software's quality cycle. The quality of both development processes and the resulting product will be assured for organisations with both certifications.

Once the audit process has been completed, the organisation obtains:

  • AENOR Software Product Compliance Certificate, with respect to the assessed quality characteristics.
  • AENOR user licence conform mark.​
AENOR Conform Mark on Functional Adaptation

AENOR Confom Mark
Functional Adaptation

AENOR Conform Mark on Software Maintainability

AENOR Software​ Maintainability Conform Mark


AENOR began with a pilot assessment and certification project with Spanish software development companies. Improvements of almost 40% with respect to production and cost savings regarding maintenance are some of the benefits of this experience.

PRODUCT (Maintainability): BITDOC document management, version 2.0. COMPANY: Bitware S.L.

PRODUCT (Functional Suitability): BITRRHH, version 1.0. COMPANY: Bitware S.L.

PRODUCT (Maintainability): Digital Content Distribution Platform, version 2.1. COMPANY: Enxenio S.L.

PRODUCT (Maintainability): System of appointments for Citasalud health centres, version 3.0. COMPANY: Sicaman S.L.

PRODUCT (Maintainability): MSH-Mobile, version 2.6.1. COMPANY: SER&Practices s.r.l.

PRODUCT (Functional Suitability): Certified Measurements, version 1.0. COMPANY: Treconite, S.L.

PRODUCT (Functional Suitability): Online choices. COMPANY: ADA Sistemas, S.L.

Bitware obtained Level 5 in developing software products based on ISO functionality 25000, being the first company to get Functional Adaptation certification.