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Open Data Certification to promote Smart Territories
Open data

Open Data Certification to promote Smart Territories

Open Data Certification to promote Smart Territories

Certification solutions for Smart Cities: Reliability of data

The UNE 178301  on Open data, an efficient tool of citizen participation and transparent management that moves towards the free availability of citizens' data. Compliance with this standard gives territories the confidence that their open data meet accessibility requirements, and can be used and reused by stakeholders, strengthening the innovation of territories thanks to new products and services.

The certification of OPEN DATA forms part of a group of key tools developed by experts in Smart Cities and Territories, which contribute to boosting Smart Territories.

The concept of a Smart Territory is consolidated as one of the basic elements of innovation strategies in territories, and is one of the priorities of the European Union's Horizon 2020 strategies. Spain will be a pioneering country in terms of innovation regarding smart territories, thanks to frameworks of reference to develop the management of smart territories, structured around a set of standards created in the CTN 178 on Smart Cities. This is a key point to consider when attracting private investments to territories, generating jobs and increasing GDP, productivity and quality of life.

Becoming a smart territory impacts the management model of cities in various areas, such as those related to transparency, digital transformation, mobility, sustainability and economic development, etc. Therefore, in order to properly design public policies, it is important for problems to be anticipated. For this reason, innovation must work as a transverse axis in order to bring solutions to public ex-novo services and traditional services. 

Through the specific conformity assessments for this sector, AENOR contributes to the strategy of smart cities and territories, helping to assess the grade of implementation of the measures and actions that identifies and characterises them

Some of the most relevant standards are: 

  • Smart Tourism Destinations, in accordance with standards UNE 178501 and UNE 178502,
  • The evaluation of standards UNE 178201 and 178202, which establish the attributes and requirements for a city to be considered as a Smart City.
  • With regard to sustainability, the international standard of ISO 37120 on sustainable development in cities​.
  • The Standard UNE 178303 on Asset Management of the City.
  • Also of great importance for smart territories and cities, is the development and progress in other standards, such as UNE 178402 on Smart Ports and UNE 178101 on Infrastructure, among others. 

Once the Audit process is complete, if the system set up adapts to the requirements of Scheme UNE 178303 Open Data, the organisation obtains:

  • The AENOR Certificate of Conformity with UNE 178303 Open Data
  • Licence to use the UNE 178303 Open Data mark.

Organisations with management systems certified by AENOR also have free access to AENORnet and a subscription to the UNE monthly magazine.


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