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Spanish national security system (ENS)
Spanish national security system (ENS)

Spanish national security system (ENS)

Spanish national security system (ENS)

​For maximum protection of information systems

The Spanish National Security Framework is a Law that generates the conditions necessary for trust in the use of electronic media. To this end, it establishes a series of measures that guarantee the security of the systems, data, communications and electronic services, allowing the exercise of rights and the fulfilment of duties via these media.

The framework establishes the security policy for the use of electronic media and consists of basic principles and minimum requirements that allow an adequate protection of information systems, services and their information.

The National Security Framework is inspired by the family of ISO 27000 standards and, more specifically, by ISO 27001. This is why its structure and application responds to model of PDCA Cycle - Ongoing improvement, considering risk analysis and implementation of measures/controls.

The main benefits of this certification are to have a managed and controlled system with measures/controls that ensure the correct protection of information systems in the face of internal and external threats and incidents.

Certified companies obtain:

  • The AENOR Certificate in accordance with the Spanish National Security Framework, complies with the requirements of ENS-ITS-Compliance with the ENS (Spanish Official State Gazette [BOE]-A-2016-10109) and the CCN-STIC 809-ENS-Declaration Guide and ENS Certification of Compliance.

AENOR is the first company accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body, ENAC, to certify the Spanish National Security Framework, with experience in its certification since 2013. It should be highlighted that AENOR is the only certification body that has the accreditation of ISO 27001 and ENS.​