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Certool, the advantages of software designed to help you.

Certool helps you to define, implement, maintain and efficiently improve management systems, such as quality systems, environmental management systems, etc. Likewise, it lets you automate specific processes, such as audits of suppliers, control of infrastructures, client evaluations, etc.

How can we help you?

AENOR gives you everything you need to efficiently implement and maintain Certool:

  • Secure storage and incremental daily backups.
  • Automatic updates and new versions.
  • Question and answer service.
  • Bulk data entry and parameterisation.
  • Customised in-company or online training programmes.
Certool premium

It streamlines the implementation of new management systems and optimises management of established systems and integration of multiple systems.​

Certool premium

It helps you manage knowledge by structuring, standardising and centralising information in a single platform.

Certool premium

It reduces administration time and costs and increases employee productivity through its ability to automate workflows.

Certool premium

It reduces unnecessary travel, since it allows activities to be performed remotely (audits, inspections, task management, etc.), from any location.

Certool premium

It promotes communication and collaboration by providing a single work environment that's accessible from any location and any device

Certool premium

It makes it easy to track multiple organisations and the activities of personnel located in scattered locations.

Certool premium

It helps in decision-making processes, thanks to its ability to transform data into useful information, as well as its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of the systems in question.

Certool premium

It gives users security and confidence by offering a fast and effective question and answer service.

Certool premium

It enhances user satisfaction by always offering the latest version of software that is both easy to use and constantly evolving.

Certool premium

It does away with the costs associated with maintaining computer systems and software updates.

You have lots of reasons to use CERTOOL



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Raúl Martín García


"It is a very useful tool that allows you to increase your control and monitoring of processes, while also simplifying all other aspects of the management system."


Enrique Cortázar


“The main advantage of the tool is that simplifies and expedites processes, making it much easier to communicate technical aspects”.


Marta Cabrera


"The best feature is that, from a single portal, you can manage all the parts of the management systems implemented in our company. Another strong point is the online training support"

Certool now available in cloud

Certool Check

Certool check

Certool Premium

Certool Premium