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Certool Premium Software - ISO Management

Certool Premium Software - ISO Management

Certool Premium is the solution for the global management of systems based on ISO standards and other regulatory standards. This software optimises the planning, execution, control and improvement of your organisation's processes. Discover Certool Premium.

Certool premium

Organisation and requirements

Create your organisation's structure: centres, business units, etc.

Define org charts, duties, responsibilities and requirements.

Keep all applicable requirements updated and evaluated.

Certool premium

People and training

Keep updated information on employees and automatically update their work experience.

Design and monitor training plans.

Automate the evaluation of training activities.

Certool premium


Organise information on facilities and equipment and keep it up to date.

Automate schedules for equipment maintenance and calibration, facility inspections, etc.

Certool premium


Organise information on your providers and keep it updated.

Automate tracking, evaluations and certifications, audits, inspections, etc.

Certool premium

Risks management

Identify risks and opportunities and keep them updated.

Evaluate risks and opportunities.

Lay out and manage actions to deal with them.

Certool premium

Process management

Define your organisation's processes: Diagrams, risks and opportunities, responsibilities, indicators, related documents, etc

Automatically generate process files and avoid working with scattered files.

Use indicators to automate follow-ups and measurements and get a complete picture of the results.

Certool premium

Products and services

Organise the information on your products and services and keep it updated.

Automate checks of products and services.

Certool premium


Organise the information on your clients and other interested parties and keep it updated.

Automate satisfaction surveys, track services rendered, etc.

Certool premium

Management of evaluations

Easily design checklists, surveys and any other type of form.

Define calculation methods and lay out assessment criteria.

Plan and monitor audits, checks and inspections.

Make it easy to complete forms via email.

Record results from anywhere with an Internet connection and from any device.

Check and analyse results in real time.

Certool premium


Design indicators and automate the measurement of processes and objectives.

Check results. Charts and reports.

Analyse and undertake actions.

Certool premium

Document management

Design templates and automatically generate system documents without having to work with scattered files.

Automate document control processes, save time and lower administrative costs.

  • Organise documents and track their versions.
  • Automate the review, approval and distribution of documents.
  • Make it easy to check valid documents from anywhere.

Certool premium

Non-compliance and actions

Automate the management of non-compliances and corrective/improvement actions.

  • Record, categorise, analyse and evaluate non-compliances.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate the efficiency of corrective/improvement actions.

Certool premium


Plan audits and do follow-ups.

Record results and generate audit reports.

Manage non-compliances and actions resulting from the audit.

Certool premium

Review the system

Plan system reviews and follow-up.

Generate review reports and manage improvement actions.

Certool premium

Improvement plans

Define objectives, assign resources and lay out timelines.

Design indicators to measure them.

Automate follow-ups and measurements and get a complete picture of the results.

Certool premium

Complementary functions

Set up user permissions and roles.

Automatically email task and other notices.

Control the tasks assigned to your work team.

Generate PDF, Word and Excel reports and design your own reports.

Generate charts automatically.

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