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Certool Compact Software — System Management

Certool Compact Software — System Management

Certool Compact is the software that will handle your essential system management needs, like document control, managing non-compliances and managing improvement measures. Discover everything this tool has to offer

Certool Compact

Organisation and requirements

Create your organisation's structure: centres, business units, positions, etc.

Keep all applicable requirements updated and evaluated.

Certool Compact

Documentation control

Automate document control processes, save time and lower administrative costs.

  • Organise documents and track their versions.
  • Automate the review, approval and distribution of documents.
  • Make it easy to check valid documents from anywhere. 

Certool Compact

Non-compliance and actions

Automate the management of non-compliances and corrective/improvement actions.

  • Record, categorise, analyse and evaluate non-compliances.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate the efficiency of corrective/improvement actions.

Certool Compact


Plan audits and do follow-ups.

Record results and generate audit reports.

Manage non-compliances and actions resulting from the audit.

Certool Compact

Review the system

​Plan system reviews and perform monitoring activities.

Generate review reports and manage improvement actions.

Certool Compact

Improvement plans

Define objectives, assign resources and lay out timelines.

Do follow-ups and get a complete picture of the results.

Certool Compact

Complementary functions

Set up user permissions and roles.

Automatically email task and other notices.

Track the tasks assigned to your work team

Generate reports in PDF, Word and Excel and design your own reports

You have lots of reasons to use CERTOOL

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Certool Premium

Certool Premium

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