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Approval TELCO training centres
Approval TELCO training centres

Approval TELCO training centres

Approval TELCO training centres

To minimise occupational risks to workers in the Telco sector, the Occupational Health and Safety Services from a cross-section of telecommunications operators and their suppliers have drawn up standards to train workers and a protocol to certify the training centres that offer these courses.

AENOR is approved by the TELCO Group to provide these certification services, which will be obligatory as of July 2018. for all training centres carrying out training in occupational safety and prevention, aimed at workers who provide services to telecommunications companies(TELCO Group). All training received by workers after this date must be delivered in one of the certified centres in order to be considered valid by the group of TELCO companies.

In January 2021, the Telco Training Standard agreement was updated, incorporating new approved training programmes, as well as recycling programmes.

The standard includes the following training programmes:


In these training programmes, the contents, resources, methodologies, tools and dedication times are specified to ensure the capabilities of workers who provide services to telecommunications companies.

Requirements that training centres that deliver this training must fulfill, as well as the criteria to be applied for their certification, have been established by the group of TELCO companies in the following documents:

In the event that the training programme and/or the training centre is not included within the scope of certification, or if its certificate is out-of-date, the training delivered will not be considered adequate by the group of TELCO companies and, therefore, it will not allow the worker to provide services in its facilities.

These training programmes are applicable to any worker who provides services in telecommunications companies.

The certification applies to any training centre and organisations that carry out training activities for workers who provide services in telecommunications companies.

This does not apply, even if the training centre has certification ISO 9001 this facilitates the application of requirements established by the reference, and, as a result, the verification of proof of compliance.

Once the training centre has passed the certification process, it obtains the AENOR certificate of conformity with the TELCO Training Standard.

The certification will be valid for two years, after which the process carried out for the initial certification will be repeated.

The scope of the certification can be extended at any time throughout the certificate's period of validity, by carrying out the corresponding verification activities. For this reason, the training programmes and certified centres are recorded on the certificate, as well as the date of certification.

AENOR Mark for Traceability Management Systems

AENOR Conform Brand Training Centre TELCO Standard