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ISO 20121 Sustainable events management systems
ISO 20121 Certification Event Sustainability Management Systems

ISO 20121 Sustainable events management systems

ISO 20121 Sustainable events management systems

Certification of Event Sustainability Management Systems

Events have an environmental, economic and social impact on the location in which they are held. Thus, the introduction of sustainability criteria in the entire lifecycle of an event, from the organisation stage until the legacy left behind, is of great importance.

The Standard UNE-EN-ISO ​20121:2013​​specifies the requirements for a sustainability management system for any type of event or related activity. The standard provides criteria for the various stages and activities: design, planning, performance, implementation, review and activities after the sustainable event.

This standard is not designed for certifying an event, but rather the management system of an organisation that plans events. The objective is to ensure that the events are managed in accordance with the sustainability criteria.


  • Independently demonstrates the public and ethical commitment to society, the environment and sustainability
  • Lowers costs thanks to a reduction in the consumption of resources (water, energy, etc.), and optimises processes to make them more efficient.
  • Improves control of the supply chain.
  • Increases competitiveness and access to new and increasingly demanding and specialised markets that look for added value, like those related to environmental protection and religious or moral sensitivities.​

This certification is applicable to any organisation that wishes to establish, implement, maintain and improve an event sustainability management system. Specifically, organisations that manage sustainable events and/or supply products and services to the same.

Once the audit has been passed, the organisation will obtain:

  • The AENOR Certificate in Event Sustainability Management Systems
  • A licence to use the AENOR RS Mark for Event Sustainability.​
Sustainability SR AENOR Mark of Events

AENOR RS Mark for Event Sustainability​