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EFfCI GMP cosmetic ingredients
EFfCI GMP cosmetic ingredients

EFfCI GMP cosmetic ingredients

EFfCI GMP cosmetic ingredients

Good practices in manufacturing cosmetic ingredients. EFfCI reference

The EFfCI certification scheme is aimed at companies that manufacture ingredients to be used in cosmetic products, with a view to ensure the good practices in the elaboration and manufacturing processes, prior to being distributed to consumers. 

Through this certification scheme, the safety of cosmetics is strengthened through a quality management system, whilst minimising the quality assessment costs within the supply chain.

The group of cosmetic products also encompasses health and hygiene products, as well as personal care products (sun cream, shampoo, soap, etc.). 

Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are the practical result of the development of the concept of quality assurance, and they are based on solid scientific criteria and on the assessment of potential risks.

Benefits obtained:

  • Guarantee that the organisation complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with the EFfCI reference.
  • Cost saving as a result of reduced audits carried out by cosmetics manufacturers.
  • Improves the levels of management, planning, organisation and control.
  • This ensures the maximum quality and safety of the cosmetic ingredients supplied.
  • Access to new markets through an internationally renowned certification scheme.

This certification can be integrated with the management system ISO 9001 and Excipact.

Once the audit process is over, your organisation obtains:

  • A report with all the findings of the audit process.
  • The Certificate of compliance with the EFfCI standard on good manufacturing processes of cosmetic ingredients
  • The inclusion of the organisation in the list of certified companies, available on the EFfCI website.