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Certificate of conformity for exports to Algeria

Certificate of conformity for exports to Algeria

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Algerian importers must file a test of conformity for all shipments that enter the country, in order to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This was requested by the Algerian Ministry of Trade in a communication in March 2011.

This requirement, provided for by Law 09-03​ and in the Decrees 05-465 and 05-467, establishes the conditions and procedures used to monitor the compliance of goods imported through customs units. Compliance certification by a third party is deemed compulsory and the original of any document required by the regulations in force and relating to the conformity of imported goods, must be presented during compliance checks carried out by the Border Authority Consumer Protection and Fraud.

The certificates must be issued by duly authorised certifying bodies in the exporting country, recognised by the Algerian Standardisation Institute (IANOR). For this reason, AENOR has signed a collaboration agreement with IANOR, which allows us to issue the corresponding Certificates of Conformity “Certificat de Contrôle de Qualité”.​


In order to process your certificate, we need:

Certificate of conformity for exports to Algeria 
The documents required to process your file are:
  • Certified country of origin.
  • Proforma and final invoices for the export of products to Algeria.
  • Associated letter of credit.
  • Photographs of product labels.
  • Technical documentation for the products.
  • Format of AENOR statement of conformity.