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Certificate of Conformity for exports to Saudi Arabia

Certificate of Conformity for exports to Saudi Arabia

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In accordance with Decree 6386 published by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) of Saudi Arabia, all consumables that enter Saudi Arabia must have a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), which is needed to guarantee dispatch from customs, ensuring the safety of consumers and confirming that the products comply with the Regulations/Standards of Saudi Arabia, as well as with national, regional and international technical standards.

AENOR ha sido reconocida por el The Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation (SASO) to participate in the Product Conformity Programme (PCP), which issues Certificates of Conformity prior to shipment.

There are a number of products that are considered hazardous in Saudi Arabia and that must undergo special processing in order to obtain the corresponding CoC certificate.

Product Customs Codes ​Product Name
85366910 - 85366990​Sockets, plugs and adaptors​
85444210 - 85444220​Electrical extension cords
​​​​​​​85437090Mobile chargers​
​​85163100Hair dryers​
​ - -Car ​​Spare Parts
85161000​Electrical water heaters
​85162910​Heating appliances (Electric heaters)
40111000​​Car Tyres
9503​​Children's Toys
Made in Spain stamp.
Product markings

Products must feature a permanent marking indicating the country in which they were manufactured.

See Customs note

Label for showing energy levels in domestic appliances
Energy efficiency programmes

Some products require a specific energy efficiency label.

More information

Two people measuring energy with a digital voltmeter.
Testing energy efficiency

Our laboratory can help by performing energy efficiency tests.​

See testing

To manage your CoC certificate we need:

Certificate of conformity for exports to Saudi Arabia​​

The documents required to process your file are:
  • Country of origin certificate.
  • Invoice indicating that the products are being exported to Saudi Arabia.
  • Photographs of product labels.
  • Technical documentation for the products.
  • Format of AENOR statement of conformity.