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Specific programmes for countries

Specific programmes for countries

Map of the world with reference points

In order to export goods to several countries, exporters must obtain certificates of conformity that demonstrate the goods at issue comply with the prevailing legislation and requirements of the country they are to be sent to. These certificates are required in order to obtain customs clearance in the destination country.

In many cases, a series of inspections and verifications need to take place before shipment. These are carried out by authorised entities such as AENOR, which, on behalf of Governments and Official Bodies, perform control processes on quality, quantity, value of imports/exports, labelling, and any other applicable requirements, always complying with the requirements of the World Trade Organisation.

AENOR has been recognised by many countries with import certification plans, thus helping exporters, importers and operators in trade exchanges. Once the process has been completed, a certificate of conformity is issued that gives our customers peace of mind that their goods will arrive at their destination in accordance with the specifications.

AENOR has authorisation to issue certificates of conformity for exports to the following countries:

Icon with the Algerian flag

Certification programme for goods sent to Algeria with bank documents.

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Saudi Arabia icon.
Saudi Arabia

All consignments must carry a certificate of conformity (CoC).

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Ecuador flag icon

​​Some products must carry certificates of conformity in accordance with Technical Regulations.

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Ivory Coast flag icon
Ivory Coast

A national regulation exists that must be complied with in order to sell products.

Uzbekistan flag icon.

Consumer products and capital goods must be certified in accordance with national regulations.

Ukraine flag icon.

Products must be certified before export in accordance with the country's requirements.

Eurasian Customs Union with the flags of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.
Eurasian Customs Union

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan​.

Both community and national certification is required for these countries.

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Other programmes

AENOR has established recognition agreements with countries on an ongoing basis.

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