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Industrial inspection

Industrial inspection

Man working on cutting machinery, manufacturing pieces.

AENOR can help you to verify that products, machinery and industrial equipment are of the required quality and manufactured according to the requirements and specifications defined in the legal and contractual obligations.

For this purpose, we perform industrial technical inspections to guarantee the conformity of products manufactured and distributed in different parts of the world.

Our highly-qualified staff possess the experience and technical knowledge needed to perform inspections according to the requirements of each company.

Tool to measure circular pieces.
Supervision of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

To verify that products, installations, and equipment comply with their intended function in accordance with the buyer's instructions and current legislation.

AENOR's technical team goes to the production site to supervise the final tests of the equipment manufactured in accordance with the conditions set forth in the sales contracts.

People inspecting a manufacturing process.
Inspections for monitoring industrial projects

Monitoring all phases of an order, from individual equipment (mechanics, electric, electronic and instrumental) to entire projects.

It enables you to control and reduce any product deviations, thereby guaranteeing dispatch times, buyer requirements, protocols and specifications of each client.

Customised service

Desk with various documents and a hand making points. 
We help our clients to define the scope of the inspections based on our experience in the sector and country.

We adapt the service to the specific requirements and demands of the clients, aiming to meet all of their objectives.

Prior to any operations, we define the objective of the inspection, the number of products that will be reviewed, the frequency of inspections, specific aspects to review, processes to be followed, and any other issues that need to be considered.

Tell us what you need and we will do our best to help you.

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