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Supplier Inspections

Supplier Inspections

Evaluation of suppliers
The globalisation of markets and the progressive increase in the number of imports and exports are driving companies to order from new suppliers from different parts of the world, without any information about their technical or production abilities, which could potentially compromise the company's image for ethical and environmental reasons.

AENOR has developed a service for the evaluation of suppliers to carry out a prior selection thereof, checking their facilities, technical capacities of production or logistics, as well as the quality level of products being manufactured.

Workers verifying the quality of trouser seams.


Factory inspection

Maintaining contact with new suppliers is not enough to guarantee that they are integrated properly into a company's supply chains.

Factory audits are a very useful tool to obtain a full profile of suppliers, verifying their ability to provide the product or service that is requested prior to purchase.

The aspects that are inspected include production capacity, product quality, facilities, company workflows, etc., with the option to design specific design protocols at the request of companies.

Green field showing a factory with the pollution level.


Ethical and environmental inspection

Consumers and Governments are increasingly requesting more transparency in the supply chain. Guaranteeing and demonstrating commitment to ethical and environmental value is a crucial factor in a company's strategy, helping it to build customer loyalty and preventing compromising situations that can negatively affect commercial brands.

AENOR can offer detailed social and environmental inspection programmes that can be carried out in accordance with international standards or client specifications.

Customised service

Customised service 
We help our clients to define the scope of the inspections based on our experience in the sector and country.

We adapt the service to the specific requirements and demands of the clients, aiming to meet all of their objectives.

Prior to any operations, we define the objective of the inspection, the number of products that will be reviewed, the frequency of inspections, specific aspects to review, processes to be followed, and any other issues that need to be considered.

Tell us what you need and we will do our best to help you. ​​