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N Mark for water supply valves
N Mark for water supply valves

N Mark for water supply valves

The N Mark for water supply valves certifies the quality of these products with respect to standards

AENOR continually monitors compliance with applicable requirements

AENOR certification for these types of products covers the following equipment and fittings:

  • Shut-off valves (e.g. gate, butterfly), in accordance with standard UNE-EN 1074-1 and UNE-EN 1074-2.
  • Toggle and relief valves, in accordance with standard UNE-EN 1074-1 and UNE-EN 1074-4.

Everything is easier with the AENOR certification:

  • A leading quality mark that gives assurance to customers.
  • AENOR certification enables these products to be sold and installed in water supply networks, as it is recognised on the market (suppliers, installers, product distributors, etc.).

Guarantees compliance with public and private requirements

AENOR certification for water supply valves enables manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the standards water suppliers must comply with.

The following activities are performed in order to grant the N Mark for gas facility equipment and fittings:

  • Initial tests performed in the AENOR laboratory on equipment/fittings samples selected from manufacturing centres.

  • The product is inspected and the quality assurance system used to manufacture the products is audited in order to check that the particular requirements put in place in order to manufacture the product have been complied with.

  • Facilities are monitored on a regular basis in order to check that the original approval conditions of the quality assurance system have been maintained. Product samples are also taken from manufacturing centres in order to undergo partial testing at the AENOR laboratory.

Once an organisation passes the certification process, it obtains: ​

  • The AENOR product certificate
  • A licence to use AENOR's Mark of certified products
AENOR N Mark logo for a certified product​​​​