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GlobalEPD Panel for steel building products
Steel manufacturing

GlobalEPD Panel for steel building products

GlobalEPD Panel for steel building products

This sectorial panel establishes the criteria for environmental declarations for steel products used in construction and civil works, such as passive reinforcement steel for concrete, wire rods or structural profiles

AENOR is the Administrator of the Programme GlobalEPDfor verifying Environmental product declarations (EPD) in accordance with Standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804.​​​​​​

The panel for steel building products covers the following families of products:

  1. Hot rolled products made from ordinary and stainless steel and other alloy steels including heavy plates, hot-rolled coils, hot-rolled strips, hot-rolled sheets, rolled corrugated sheets, bars, structural sections, bars and commercial sections, wire rods, tracks, plates and couplings

  2. Cold rolled products and products covered in ordinary or stainless steel and other alloy steels:

    • From hot-rolled coils, including cold-rolled or coated strips, cold-rolled or coated coils, cold-rolled or coated sheets, coated or non-coated corrugated or formed sheets, coated or non-coated welded tubes, coated or non-coated non-welded tubes and coated or non-coated formed structures

    • From rolled wire rods, including wire, mesh and basic reinforcements, cables and lines and wires for pre and post-tension cement

  3. Passive reinforcements (frameworks)

Presidency: Luis Rodulfo Zabala, CEPCO

Secretary: Eugenio García Aller, Steel Industry Sustainability

Technicians from the following organisations participate in the steel products panel:

  • Arcelormittal Group
  • Alfonso Gallardo Group
  • Celsa Group
  • Megahandle Group
  • Riva Group (Siderúrgica Sevillana)
  • Environmental Resources Management, ERM
  • Spanish Confederation of Construction Product Manufacturers, CEPCO
  • Calidad Siderúrgica
  • Unión de Empresas Siderúrgicas [Union of Steel Industry Companies], UNESID
  • Steel Sustainability

The EPD verified by AENOR in accordance with GlobalEPD-RCP-01 Rules are included in the General Register of Environmental Certifications to analyse product life-cycle assessments and other environmental assessments of buildings Technical Building Code (CTE) of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport

Accessing the CTE General Register​​​​​​​​​​

Steel for concrete

N Mark Certified Product

The mark it is an officially-recognised standard for Code EHE-08

Sections, bars and steel sheets

N Mark Certified Product

The Mark it is recognised as a voluntary mark of quality, which contributes to meeting the basic requirements of the technical building code (CTE)

European Passport

​​The CE MARK is a passport for building products

The CE mark provides access to the European Economic Area for construction products