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Recognition of DPO courses at training centres

Recognition of DPO courses at training centres

Information for undergoing training

Candidates entering the Assessment Stage for Data Protection Officer Certification and who do not possess sufficient professional experience, will have to provide proof of minimum recognised training.


This training, as set forth in the Spanish Data Protection Agency's Certification Framework, must meet a series of requirements in terms of:

  • Required duration 
  • Subjects taught 
  • Testing method 
  • Training methodology


The AEPD-DPO Certification Scheme offers various lengths (60, 100 and 180 hours), which are correlated with the experience accredited by the DPO candidate, to justify their compliance with the requirements.

The distribution of training hours must be in line with the percentages established for each of the programme areas in the Scheme

  • Area 1 - General data protection regulation - 50%
  • Area 2 - Active liability - 30%
  • Area 3 - Techniques for guaranteeing compliance with the data protection regulation and other know-how - 20% 

Getting programmes recognised

Training organisations can apply to AENOR for their training programmes to be recognised, provided these are imparted in accordance with the requirements stated above and within the Framework. 

Once certified, these courses will accumulate points for the scales in the AEPD-DPO Scheme.