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Funeral services quality certification
Funeral Services

Funeral services quality certification

Funeral services quality certification


Providing quality in funeral services

The provision of quality service during such a delicate time becomes the main argument for the implementation of the European Funeral Services standard EN 15017.

The Funeral Service Certification, in accordance with EN 15017, ensures the quality of the service, including the greatest level of respect to the deceased person and their family. It facilitates compliance with legal provisions in force, and establishes the essential requirements for controlling the service, carried out in accordance with a standard that incorporates the honesty, integrity and effort that defines the work of the funeral sector each day.

This standard includes requirements for all phases of the process, from consultation and information to the pick-up and relocation of the deceased person and the care offered surrounding this process. Amongst others, for:

  • Funeral home staff.
  • Care of the deceased person and hygiene measures.
  • Collection/transfer and transport.
  • Funeral home facilities.
  • Advisory service.
  • Funeral/cremation arrangements.
  • Funeral management.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Optimisation of resource management.
  • Increased professionalisation of core resources.
  • Control of the service provided.
  • Implementation of a standard designed by and for the funeral sector.

With clients:

  • Positioning the organisation as a leading funeral service provider.
  • Differentiation from the competition.

Strengthening the company's image to customers who benefit from a more transparent and high-quality funeral service.

This certification is applicable to funeral service providers of any size, including private funeral homes and companies that manage funeral homes, cemeteries and public crematoriums.

The European standard EN 15017 sets forth minimum requirements for better provision of funeral services. The implementation of a quality management system, in accordance with ​ISO 9001 can be integrated seamlessly with this European standard.​​

Once AENOR considers that the audit process has been passed in accordance with the requirements set out in the standard EN 15017, it will grant the Funeral Services Certificate and a user licence for the AENOR N Mark for Funeral Services.

Funeral Service Certification

Funeral Service Certification

AENOR has extensive experience in the certification of Funeral Services including the European standard ​EN 15017 and quality management systems based on ISO 9001 in companies of the sector.