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Certification of claim and complaint management systems
Claim and complaint management 10002

Certification of claim and complaint management systems

Certification of claim and complaint management systems

Effective management of claims and costumer satisfaction

The Standard ​ISO 10002 establishes a series of guidelines that must be followed by any organisation that wishes to introduce a Complaints Handling Management System.

The standard establishes a PDCA cycle during development and gives instructions on planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement of the complaint handling process.

As a result of implementing the Standard ISO 10002in a company, a user or customer can not only report a complaint or claim regarding their products or services, but also be kept informed of the status of their claim throughout. In addition, the user or client knows that his/her complaint or claim will be analysed and investigated thoroughly and that a coherent response will always be provided within the established time. If the client is still not fully satisfied with the response obtained, he/she will be offered other channels through which the complaint can be submitted, until a satisfactory response is received.

Benefits of the Complaints Handling certification:

  • A management system to continuously monitor and improve the complaints handling process is established.
  • An organisation becomes more flexible in its handling of complaints. A logical system is obtained that permits a client-organisation relationship.
  • An organisation can develop the actions that improve operations, including anticipating possible changes in trends and heading off possible motives for complaints.
  • A foundation is developed for ongoing improvement using monitoring systems and the analysis of processes involved in complaints management and the methods used to rectify them.
  • An effective, simple and decisive mechanism is developed for managing issues with clients.

The ISO international standard 10002 it's appropriate for organisations of all sizes that want to standardise the management of complaints from its clients. This provides not only good service to the client, but also makes this information available for the benefit of the organisation.

This standard is integrated seamlessly with this management system established by ISO 9001, since its structure is similar, applying specifically to handling complaints. Easy integration with any process management system.

Once the Auditing process has been completed, if the implemented system aligns with the standard ISO 10002the organisation will obtain: ​

  • AENOR Certificate for Complaints Handling
  • User Licence of the AENOR Mark for Complaints Handling.
AENOR Mark Complaints management ISO 10002

AENOR Brand Claims Management
ISO 10002​​

AENOR has certified the Claims and Complaints Processing Management System for the first companies and is currently working with Claim Management Departments of different companies in the implementation and certification of this Standard.​