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Certification of asset management systems
Asset Management Systems Certification

Certification of asset management systems

Certification of asset management systems

Asset Management System Certification (UNE-ISO 55001:2015)

An asset is any aspect of an organisation's activity that adds potential or actual value. This value can vary between different organisations and the interested parties thereof and may be tangible or intangible, financial or non-financial.

Asset management includes the balancing of costs, opportunities and risks for all assets considered throughout their life cycle.

The objective of the Standard UNE-ISO 55001:2015 is to introduce the policy, Management's responsibilities, resources and implementation, operational, measurement, analysis and improvement guidelines, which include the requirements an asset management system must comply with, in a manner similar to other organisational management methodologies.

Benefits for the organisation and users
  • Improved financial performance (better returns on investments in assets, more control and optimisation of asset value, greater asset profitability, more sustainable use of capital)
  • Asset investment decisions based on information (life cycle and long-term)
  • Managed asset risk
  • Better results and services (direction of strategies, operations and maintenance planning)
  • Demonstrated social responsibility
  • Proven compliance with legal requirements
  • Better assessment of performance and control
  • Improved reputation
  • Better organisational sustainability
  • More effective and efficient

UNE-ISO series standards 55000:2015​ are of general scope and apply to all types of organisations.

The asset management system in accordance with Standard UNE-ISO 55001:2015 is based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) ongoing improvement cycle. This standard has been designed in a similar way to other standards such as ISO 14001 or ISO 9001​​​​, which makes it a complementary, compatible and integrable tool with other management systems.


As regards applying Standard UNE-ISO 55001:2015​, once the process has been completed, organisations obtain the AENOR Asset Management System Certificate.

Organisations can choose between two different asset management certification options, pursuant to the requirements of Standard UNE-ISO 55001:

a) When assets are managed by their owner:
"The life cycle of the OWNER's assets at the centres for which an ADDRESS has been submitted" are certified 
b) When assets are managed by a company engaged by the owner to manage them:
"The life cycle of the assets managed by the AGENT at the OWNER's centres for which an ADDRESS has been submitted" are certified 

AENOR Mark of Asset Management

Mark under ISO55001

​The first certificate was issued in 2016 for the life cycle of the assets managed by SODEXO IBERIA, S.A. at the LILLY, S.A. complex. To date, several certificates have been issued and work is currently underway to certify organisations in Spain, Latin America and other areas of the world.