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Quality certification of research services
Certification of the Market, Social and Opinion Research service

Quality certification of research services

Quality certification of research services

Confidence in market and opinion studies

The objective of the Standard ISO 20252 is to provide customers with a guarantee that the market, social or opinion study that they have contracted is carried out by a trusted organisation that implements the best control and follow-up practices to ensure compliance with this international standard.

The audit includes comprehensive monitoring of each phase of the research process: in managing technical work, gathering field data (in-person, over the telephone, online) or in managing and processing data.

This standard was developed through the active participation of the National Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Companies (ANEIMO), which endorses the sector's firm commitment to demonstrating the high-quality level in its service provision.

AENOR also offers the possibility to certify independently or in conjunction with the ISO 20252, in accordance with ISO 26362 Access panels in market, opinion and social research

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Use of an international standard to guarantee a high-level of quality in all phases of the research process.
  • Improvement of control in the provision of research service.
  • Definition of minimum service quality requirements that are internationally comparable.

With clients:

  • Reinforcement of its image amongst clients and consumers.
  • Differentiation in the sector and standing out from unspecialised companies in the implementation of market and opinion studies.
  • Building of trust in the research conducted.

With society:

  • It helps contracting administrations and companies to preselect Market, Social and Public Opinion Institutes by adhering to this sector-specific standard.

  • It makes it possible to identify and differentiate the services offered by the certified company.

It allows professionals to practice their activity in compliance with common service provision requirements and procedures that are accepted worldwide.

Institutes and entities specialised in Market, Social and Opinion Research. Companies specialised in field, personal and telephone data collection.

The certification of the Service Provided can be integrated perfectly with the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001. The introduced Management System facilitates compliance with the specific requirements of the standard ISO 20252 for each phase of the research process.​

AENOR N Service Certificate for Opinion and Market Research Companies and a user licence for the AENOR N Mark for Certified Market Research Service.

AENOR Certified Service N Mark

AENOR N Mark for Certified Market Research Service


AENOR has extensive certification experience in accordance with the standards ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 for Market, Opinion and Social Research Institutes and for Specialised Data Collection Companies in Spain and all over the world.