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Nursery school quality certification
Nursery Schools Certification

Nursery school quality certification

Nursery school quality certification

Trust in the quality and safety of the pre-school education service


This certificate guarantees that Infant's schools (for children between 0 and 3 years of age) comply with the quality and safety requirements established by the standard UNE 172402, and as a result, helps to provide a high quality service. These requirements range from the facilities in which the children's education takes place to the management of the service from the pedagogical point of view.

One of the certificate's advantages is that it contributes to improving nursery school efficiency, management, procedures and work protocols. It also helps to make the facilities and equipment used in nursery schools safer, as they must comply with the strict requirements of the standard. Furthermore, this certification ensures that the administrative requirements established by different Public Administrations will be monitored. Overall, the application of the standard results in greater trust among parents regarding the care and education of their children.

This voluntary certification outline is applicable to both public- and privately-run nursery schools, in addition to companies in charge of managing these types of schools.

Certification of Nursery Schools is compatible with and complementary to ISO certification 9001 it is possible to integrate the two models and increase the benefits for the centre.

Once the certification process has been completed, AENOR will grant a Nursery School Quality of Service Certificate and issue a licence to use the AENOR Certified Nursery School Service N Mark.

AENOR N Mark of Certified Service for Nursery Schools

AENOR Certified Nursery School Service N Mark


AENOR began certification of nursery schools in 2013. Victoria Kamhi de Aranjuez nursery, which opened in February 2012, was the first school in Spain to get the N Mark Quality of Service for Nurseries in Spain. It has since been followed by many other schools in all the autonomous communities.