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Business banking quality certification
Corporate Banking Consulting Certification

Business banking quality certification

Business banking quality certification

Corporate Banking Consulting Certification

Pursuant to this specification, AENOR certification of conformity helps to ensure that the requirements that must be implemented in order to provide excellent corporate banking services are established.

It helps to define the processes for providing financial services to companies, and specifies the requirements for responsible and ethical behaviour, as well as the competences and experience needed for the organisation to provide such financial services.

To do so, the document outlines four key areas to achieve its objectives: emphasis on leadership in the area of quality; credibility of the message issued by senior management; generate confidence in and allocate responsibility for the quality initiative among employees and provide excellent services. This certification also addresses two important areas within this field, which are the elements of risk management and the ethical principles that must be taken into account in order to provide a service that can be considered excellent.

 Focus on the process to be implemented in order to ensure the excellence of the Corporate Banking services.

  • Direct impact on the sales force, improving its management.
  • Increase in the quality of the indicators that reflect customer satisfaction. 
  • Help to create a culture of quality in organisations. 
  • Tools to ensure that the strategy is rolled out throughout the office network. 
  • Emphasis on leadership in quality. 
  • Credibility in the message from top management.
  • Create trust and responsibility in the quality initiative between employees. 
  • Service excellence.   

​Certification can also be obtained for other areas of the banking industry including personal banking, retail banking and business banking.

Once the audit process has been successfully completed, the organisation will obtain:

  • AENOR Corporate Banking Consulting Certificate.
  • The licence to use the AENOR Corporate Banking Consulting mark

Furthermore, organisations with management systems certified by AENOR have free access to the AENORnet and a subscription to the AENOR monthly magazine​​

The AENOR Certificate for Business Banking Advice

The AENOR Corporate Banking Consulting Certificate

Important banking organisations already have this AENOR certificate, such as Caixabank and Banco Santander.