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Playground and play area quality certification
Certification of children's playgrounds

Playground and play area quality certification

Playground and play area quality certification

Precise control of children's play areas

The responsibility that comes with maintaining children's play areas requires compliance with international standards that ensure correct set-up with defined timelines, with established formats and requirements that cover all phases of the process: installation, periodic inspection, routine and corrective maintenance, and use of the play areas' equipment.

The Standard   ​EN 1176-7​ includes the installation, inspection, maintenance and use of play area equipment and spaces, and also provides guidelines for performing safety assessments, and specifies basic aspects for the correct implementation of and compliance with inspections and maintenance. In the same process, these requirements for outdoor physical training areas are taken into account, in accordance with the implementation requirements of EN 16630.

The audit process includes the inspection of a sample of play areas maintained by the company.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Use of formats established for the inspection and maintenance of the areas.
  • Guidance for the best frequency at which the inspections should be carried out.
  • Adequate control of the tasks associated with the maintenance of the play areas.
  • Demonstration of the fulfilment of a European standard specific to the sector in order to assure the clients and administrations that the services provided are of high-quality.

With clients:

  • Reinforcement of the company's image.
  • Generation of trust in the work carried out.
  • Provision of periodic reports that facilitate the communication and impression of the maintenance company to the contracting company.

With society:

  • Ease for the City Councils and entities when contracting the service when selecting suppliers that comply with European service standards.
  • Improved safety of the children's areas.
  • Trust in the performance of such sensitive work, carried out in accordance with a demanding European standard.

Companies dedicated to the maintenance of children's play areas.

European Standard EN 1176 sets forth minimum requirements for a better provision of services related to the inspection and maintenance of play areas. The implementation of a quality management system in accordance with ​ISO 9001 can be integrated seamlessly with the European standard.​​

AENOR certificate for Maintenance Companies of Children's Play Areas and User Licence for the Certified Installation and Maintenance Service Mark.

N Mark Certified Service​​

AENOR has extensive experience in the certification of Children's Playground Maintenance Companies all over Spain, having awarded its first certifications in 2007.