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Validation alternative analytical methods

Validation alternative analytical methods

Validation alternative analytical methods

​​​AENOR is the first company in Spain to validate and certify alternative testing methods.

Over the last few decades, particularly in recent years, many advances have been made in the fields of biotechnology, automation and micro-electronics, which have led to the development of a great number of analysis methods that use different foundations or procedures for detecting and quantifying microorganisms, compared with benchmark methods established in international standards. These methods are known as alternative methods, and represent significant improvements from traditional methods.

Certify the alternative methods

The industry and laboratories increasingly require faster and automated testing methods, but they also must be as safe and reliable as the reference methods.

The certification of alternative testing methods will enable manufacturers and distributors of these methods to obtain an endorsement of their reliability and the consideration of equivalence to the reference methods by a third-party.

Furthermore, thanks to this certification, the administration and certifying bodies will recognise these alternative methods, thus greatly simplifying the validation method when it comes to its certification.

What does certification involve?

AENOR is the only body that carries out a comprehensive validation and certification of alternative testing methods, in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 16140 Standard "Microbiology of the food chain. Validation of methods".

Certification processes

Comparative study
Comparative study

AENORlaboratorio conducts a comparative study of the alternative method against the reference method, with the aim of seeing if both methods are equivalent.

Interlaboratory study
Interlaboratory study

​The purpose of this study is to determine the sensitivity difference between the reference and alternative method when conducted in different laboratories and analysing the same samples. 

Manufacturing process audit

​AENOR audits the production process to verify quality assurance and controls in production.

What methods can be certified?
What methods can be certified?

​AENOR certifies alternative methods to carry out microbiological and physicochemical determinations.

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