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Companies that produce and market nutraceutical products, functional foodstuffs, dietary supplements and enriched foodstuffs find in AENORlaboratorio the necessary analytical support to guarantee quality products.

It is essential to perform a strict control of the quality of raw materials verifying the absence of pollutants:

  • Dioxins and PCB´s
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Residues of medicinal products

Finding of indicator microorganisms and pathogens in accordance with the techniques established by farmacopea.

This analysis defines the behaviour of the active ingredients in a product, verifying that they comply with the established requirements.

AENORlaboratorio has climatic chambers that simulate different ambient conditions with the purpose of verifying the evolution in time of the active ingredients in formulations.

Analysing the consumer's perception, as well as assessing the effects and sensations produced by nutraceutical products and functional foodstuffs, comparing them with other market products, knowing the consumer's usage preferences, etc., provide our customers an added value while making the sensory analysis a useful tool in the design and marketing stage. Sensory laboratory

​ ​
  • Focus group
  • Home test
  • Trained judges
  • Consumer panels

​A controlled work environment free of microorganisms is largely responsible of the safety of cosmetic products. 

  • Control of the air's microbiological quality; aerobes, moulds and yeasts, genomic identification of microorganisms
  • Verification of cleaning and disinfection processes by analysing the microbial load in work areas and tools; hygiene indicators, pathogens

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our customers with a response of the highest technical and service level.

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