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Sensory laboratory services

Sensory laboratory services

Sensory laboratory services

Knowing and understanding the needs of customers is essential when it comes to a product becoming successful. AENORlaboratorio has a large database of consumers that enables it to carry out segmentation that is fully adjusted to the needs of the product being studied.

  • Development of new products
  • Determining perceived quality
  • Product packaging and acceptability studies
  • Sensory assessment of foodstuffs
  • Brand influence
  • Positioning against the competition
  • Shelf life studies
  • Assessment of chemical and pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, and perfume products

Our trained judge panel comprises over 30 AENOR professionals that are selected for their special sensory skills and receive regular and continuous training sensory attributes.

The trained judge panel is of vital importance in the development of new formulations, product design, positive release, defect identification, etc.

“The selection, training and control of judges is performed in accordance with the UNE 87024-2:1996 Standard”

The aim of the work carried out by a trained panel is to describe a product using one or several characteristics, in such a way that reliable and repeatable results are obtained that guarantee decision-making.​

Home test studies enable consumers to assess products in their own home and for a longer period of time in actual conditions of use.

LThe products studied are assessed following a group dynamic in which the tasters, guided by a moderator, present and exchange opinions about the product under study.

AENORlaboratorio has specialised staff in this type of studies, which guarantees the reliability of the obtained results and the absence of biased conclusions.​​

There are currently many companies with a tasting room. AENORlaboratorio offers the possibility of obtaining a distinctive that endorses the facilities' fulfilment with the Standard UNE-EN ISO 8589:2010 Sensory Analysis, guidance for the design of tasting rooms.

The procedure includes:

  • Facility visit from a qualified AENORlaboratorio technician Inspection of tasting rooms and verification of compliance with the UNE standard EN ISO 8589:2010 Standard
  • Issue of the inspection report
  • Issue and delivery of the corresponding distinctive
  • Maintenance and monitoring audits.

Gastroquality Taste, excellent products selected by consumers

The diversity and different qualities of food products sometimes present the consumer with a dilemma when making a purchase. The great diversity in the supply and price of products in supermarket aisles is not a sufficient indicator to know whether the food or drink we buy will meet our expectations.

To help us to make the right choice we now have Gastro Quality Taste, a new seal that measures an end-user's acceptance of a product.

through a method developed by AENOR, this label measures whether a product is well-accepted by consumers based on its organoleptic qualities (flavour, smell, texture, appearance, and overall evaluation), in other words, whether most consumers like it and consider it a good buy. The high demands for certification guarantee the premium characteristics of products with the seal. More information

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