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Sensory Laboratory

Sensory Laboratory

With the aim of providing a comprehensive service to all our clients in 2008, both AENORlaboratorio and the sensory analysis department were launched.

Both with the help of consumers and trained panels and basing our work in standardised methods, we collaborate with our clients in finding differentiating the organoleptic properties that will provide success to your organisation​.



Development of new products
  • Our technicians collaborate together with the R&D and quality departments to define and describe the ideal product. For each product the sensory analysis department designs the most suitable tests and establishes the study criteria.

Product and commercial evaluation
  • The shelf life is indicated on many products for the maintenance of their organoleptic properties. The inclusion of this testing in the shelf life studies is fundamental in order to indicate the actual duration of the products. 

Market positioning
  • Understanding the quality perceived by consumers
    is fundamental in assessing the positioning of our products with respect to the competition and market leaders.

Validation of advertising claims
  • Advertising claims must be endorsed by objective tests that verify the truthfulness of the statement made.

Product improvement
  • An extensive database of consumers and the possibility of carrying out studies anywhere in Spain, Europe and Latin America will provide your organisation the exact information on the market preferences.​

Evaluation of product modifications
  • Knowing the impact of certain modifications, in terms of the product, packaging or even the price, is very important when it comes to making decisions.​

Selection of providers
  • The sensory analysis is an efficient way of evaluating providers of raw materials and finished product.

Sensory Laboratory services

Knowing and understanding the needs of customers is essential when it comes to a product becoming successful


Technical means

Technical methods for analysis and testing
Our facilities
  • Tasting Room complying with UNE-EN 8589:2010.
  • Conservation and sample preparation facilities, waiting room and conference room
  • Technicians qualified to acquire sample in the entire country.

Sensory analysis development
Our tasters
  • Trained panel of expert judges.
  • Extensive consumer database
  • Child panels.
  • Tastings undertaken throughout Spain.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our customers with a response of the highest technical and service level.

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