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Gastroquality Taste Certificate

Gastroquality Taste Certificate

Gastroquality Taste Certificate

​Gastroquality Taste guarantees excellent food products that consumers like

Gastroquality Taste is a joint initiative, emerging from the work of Gastroquality and AENOR, with the goal of creating a certificate to showcase products that consumers like. Nowadays, we find a wide variety of food products on the market, which creates the need for a tool that allows us to differentiate between them and to reach consumers more easily.

The certificate is based exclusively on the opinion of consumers. To obtain the Gastroquality Taste certificate, products must be subjected to a blind taste test with 80 commonplace consumers of the product. This methodology, developed by AENOR, consists of consumers evaluating various aspects of the products, such as their flavour, smell, texture, appearance and giving an overall assessment. The Gatroquality seal highlights products which, from a sensory point of view, meet all the characteristics necessary to be certified for their excellence.

The certificate is valid for 3 years, although test tastes are performed annually to check that the product maintains its taste and sensory qualities.

The product taste tests are carried out in the tasting halls of AENORlaboratorio, where specialist technical staff select the consumers to perform the taste tests, prepare the samples and conduct the tests. With all the data obtained, a statistical study is performed and the final values are obtained, which will determine the product's certification.

​All food companies are required to carry out analyses to guarantee the quality and safety of their processes and products. AENORlaboratorio it responds to the sector's needs for analyses in the microbiological, chemical and sensory fields.

Once the taste test has been completed, and the necessary requirements have been met, the manufacturer obtains a certificate for the product that was tested and is able to use the corresponding image on the product's labelling.

​AENOR is a certification company recognised not only by companies but also by the majority of consumers. Its thoroughness and prestige allow a brand such as Gastroquality Taste to easily reach consumers, thus meeting the objective of differentiating the products that are certified.

On the website you will find more information about the certification process and the benefits of the certificate.

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